About Pink-Trash

President and local resident Kelly Buffalino, mother of two was frustrated at the poor service and excessive add-on fees her husband’s business was receiving from its national provider. With an extensive background in accounting, Kelly calculated the direct costs of service and was determined to provide the community with a service driven, environmentally focused and cost effective solution. Kelly developed a flat rate, no fee business model and organized an experienced team to coordinate operations.

Why Pink? Because its Kelly’s favorite color and the high visibility attracts new customers…. besides, green and brown are already taken.

On a serious note, inspired and determined to make a difference in our community, we are privileged to support our friends Going Beyond the Pink Foundation/Wilmington in their efforts to save lives locally.

Going Beyond the Pink Foundation is an organization with the focus of ensuring that quality, life-saving medical treatment, regardless of the ability to pay, is available to breast cancer patients who need it most. When breast cancer is present and insurance is not, GBTP is there to provide financial resources. GBTP/Wilmington office takes great pride and passion in their efforts to help women and men in need.

Our commitment to volunteer, sponsor, fund raise or donate goes way the month of October. Our promotion and presence at GBTP events along with our pink equipment symbolizes our commitment to GBTP twelve months a year. We are helping raise awareness by providing financial resources and support for our local women and men who are fighting for their lives.

To get help, get involved. Make a difference! Visit www.goingbeyondthepink.org for more details.




311 Judges Road, Unit 1G
Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910.313.2556


2631 Blueclay Rd
Wilmington, NC 28405

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