Residential Pink-Trash service – 96 Gallon with 1 x week curbside service.

Residential mixed Recycle service – 96 Gallon (glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard) every other week curbside service. Click on the calendar on our homepage for your regularly scheduled recycle pick-up day highlighted in pink.

Call Michelle at the office 910-313-2556 and order your Pink-Trash can. Over 8,000 Pink-Trash cans serviced weekly with residential customers receiving HUGE discounts from our Pink-Trash Commercial business customers. Check out our Facebook page for the latest Pink-Trash Commercial Customer offering major discounts for restaurants, car washes, furniture, car dealerships, childcare and apartment complexes.

Why follow the leader?….. Print when the leader can follow you…. THINK PINK!

YARD DEBRIS — In accordance with New Hanover County Law, yard debris cannot be mixed with trash and disposed of in the landfill.

image011Cleaning out your home or moving? 6YD dumpster with sliding side doors. We deliver it, you fill it and we haul it! Got Junk or bulk items such as furniture or a mattress? Email info@clcarting a photo or call us 910.313.2556 and we’ll pick-it up.

DSC_0301 Septic tank pumping service – locate and dig up both lids, pump and dispose of all solids, inspect the interior of tank and baffles, clean filter and restore lawn.

Have you had your septic tank pumped in the last 3-4 years? Prevent system failure / drain line stoppage and call us to have your septic tank pumped, drain lines jetted or septic system inspected by the same team who likely installed your septic tank years ago. Inman Septic, since 1962 – the One and Only Full Service Liquid Waste Company in Eastern North Carolina certified to pump, repair & install septic tanks and grease traps. Improper maintenance will cause unsanitary back-up conditions in your home that can result from clogged drain lines. Our high pressure jet machine scours the inside walls of the pipes leaving them clear for increased water flow. Drain line jetting will often save a lot of money in costly repairs / new drain lines.

example_a_b A. Septic tank pumped regularly

B. Septic tank that has been ignored

Top 2 Steps to a Healthy Septic System

1. Yearly inspect filter and pump your tank routinely every 3-4 years

2. Do not dispose of households hazardous wastes in sinks or toilet




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Recycle - NHC on Pink Days (Pender on White Days)